What is feeling good?

For some time I seemed to ‘struggle’ to put this into words.

It’s not about happy faces, smileys and positivity.

It’s not about ‘making it happen’, ‘just do it’ and ‘fake it till you make it’

So what is feeling good?

To me feeling good is feeling at peace with me. It’s accepting myself and all my flaws.

It’s seeing the good in all of the things we like to label as ‘bad’ about ourselves.

Feeling good is accepting where I am.

Feeling good is knowing that all is really well.

You know it is within reach, you know feeling good is within you

So why is it that so often it seems like you are not feeling it?

Where have you found resistance?

When have you self sabotaged?

What could a conversation, all about you, reveal?

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A space for you to explore your wildest dreams and your darkest hallucinations

A space for you to breathe and try out new ways of feeling good

A space where it is all about the inner work, all about you

What if this space could be created by you through something as simple as a series of conversations?

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Your body needs you, you need your body!

Refresh your thinking and create space in your mind to feel good

Feel good and you will nourish your body exactly how it wants to be nourished

What could a conversation reveal about your relationship between your body and your mind?

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