There was a time when I relied 100% on external influences to feel good

Spending quality time with those I love

Being outdoors in the sunshine

Connecting with friends

Sporting events, movies, cooking, good food

Smiling people!

If those external influences were not delivering what I ‘wanted’ I didn’t feel so good.

And yet my most important learning about feeling good was that I alone am responsible for where I am and how I feel.

I know (although I still forget sometimes) that only when I take responsibility for what is happening, am I in a position to change it, and therefore feel better and/or good.

It was the realisation that I had this power called “responsibility” and that too many times I enjoyed blaming and complaining.

When I stop complaining and focus on the thought that everything is ok, I feel good, and what I want, is created…..

I truly believe that it is our birthright to feel good….. we are all love…nothing else…….and love feels good.

Are you ready to feel good?

Every day I focus on what it means to feel good, I have helped hundreds of people achieve unprecedented levels of health and happiness.

I love nothing more than getting to know you and triggering reactions that bring out the very best in you.

It’s why I am known as a ‘feel good enthusiast’.

Feeling good is not an ‘off the shelf’ article, there is no ‘secret’, my mission is to show others that we ALWAYS have the option of feeling good, even when the merry go round is making us feel dizzy.

I serve wholeheartedly to develop deep and trusting relationships with those who are seeking to find more fulfilment in this thing we call the human experience.

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