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For a few years now, I have been 'wrestling' with truth, and to explain for myself what that actually means.

you know, growing up I learned not to speak truth.
I was told to behave.
I was told to conform.
I was told not to upset others.
I was told that, " to be loved, you need to make sure people like you."
I was told to stop crying and get on with it.

All this I processed as a little boy.
And I (like all children) couldn't make a distinction like adults can. I didn't have the mental capacity to clearly see the difference between what they said, meant, and wanted.
This made me feel scared.

Us humans are 'social beings'. It is in our DNA to want to be included.
Most people, and especially children, are always looking to be included and loved by their carers and those that live close to them.
And children will do everything to please them, so they won't be rejected and placed outside 'the tribe'.

And so when people told me what to do to and to 'be a good boy', I made it mean that;
If I speak my truth I will not be loved.
If I speak my truth I will end up being alone.
If I speak my truth I will be be in pain.
If I speak my truth I won't survive.
If I speak my truth I WILL DIE.

Over the last few months I gained tremendous insights into this.
through conversations with friends and fellow coaches and therapists.
Through meditation and contemplation.
Through taking actions that went against the "pleasing" personality. (This made me physically sick, but freed me at the same time).
Through my time spend in a man's group, where I learned that its safe to speak truth, and that I am not alone.

Speaking my truth freed me because it uncovered the LIE I was telling myself.
the LIE that if I speak my truth I will die.
Speaking my truth made a tiny dent in the old programming, but created a big insight.

When I speak my truth I don't die.
When I speak my truth I feel more ALIVE!
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That surge of joy gratitude and love you feel when you are in the middle of preparing your 'Next Chapter' and come across this gift and message from one of my clients.

It made me realise that We are all on a journey.
A purposeful journey to serve the people around us.
To support those who ask and welcome support.
A purpose of sharing our story.
A purpose of inspiring the world with your own extraordinary ordinariness....
A purpose of expressing that beautiful soul that you are.

#purpose #love #coaching #showingup #keepingitreal #coaching #shareyourstory #truth #growth #keepongettingon #belief
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You. Yes you. You are significant. If you wanna talk to someone; I'm open for conversations. You're never alone.
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Me and my Wanderlust ... See MoreSee Less

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