Corporate Feel Good

Happy employees are 12% more productive (and it’s easier than you may think to create happy employees).

Research shows that people who are feeling good and happy at work, are more effective, more creative, and are less likely to call in sick.

There is an undeniable link between the level of happiness an employee experiences and their level of productivity at work.

Financial rewards aren’t enough to make for highly productive employees, wellbeing and a sense of feeling good are just as essential.

I deliver Feel Good workshops in a variety of workplace settings, I can work one to one with you or your senior executives, exploring how feel good strategies can be implemented within an organisation. I can also deliver tailored or “off shelf” workshops for groups of employees.

My three “off the shelf ” workshops are –

  • The Feel Good Factor

    Scientifically, happiness is a choice.
More importantly it can be learned and strengthened!

    The Feel Good Factor helps you explore, learn and apply optimum habits for success, habits that are rooted in happiness.

    Great for creating high performing teams and increasing engagement in fast paced, ever changing environments.

  • The Success Blueprint

    The difference between ordinary leaders, and super high achieving leaders is marginal but essential in todays (business) world.

    The Success Blueprint is a transformational experience where we discover the tools needed to be successful in our professional as well as our personal life.

    We are all born leaders. We all lead our own life, we all have the capability to lead others and during this experience we dive into the why, how and what that drives us daily to succeed.

    Great for Senior Management or Sales Teams, focused on new strategies and developing new markets.

  • The Stress Solution

    Stress is a fact of life. We need some levels of stress in order to survive, but when stress takes over and is permanently present, it is harmful to health, performance, and general well being.

    In The Stress Solution we explore different modalities and ways to stay calm and centered in life.

    During this program we will start by taking 100% responsibility to what is happening ‘to’ us empowering us to live and work from a place of calm and control.

    Great for teams working in high pressure environments, especially those with intense stakeholder demands.

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