What could it feel like to experience 2 full days exploring your deepest desires, and facing some of your darkest truths?

In a comfortable and supportive environment, a group of like minded people, like you, come together to celebrate life, and explore why feeling good is so important.

You discover what feeling good means to you, and how to experience more frequent and intense periods of feeling good, while flowing through challenges with more ease and strength.

The Feel Good Experience is an immersion of speaking your truth and exploring how you can lead a more fulfilling life.

The group is kept deliberately small (a maximum of 20) so you can experience a beautiful balance between individual attention, and learning and sharing with others.

When you leave The Feel Good Experience you will have a greater awareness of how you could live a life that has more freedom and joy within it, your relationships could be more powerful and you will have a sense of being able nourish your mind, body and soul exactly how it needs to be nourished.

Taking place in the vibrant heart of the middle east, Dubai, The Feel Good Experience happens just three times a year; January, May, October.

The investment for this experience is $595 (U.S dollars) and refreshments and light lunch is included.

You can discover more information in a conversation with Jacob.

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