One to One Coaching

This is where we go on a journey together.

When we work together one to one we create a space that is intimate, safe, open and trusted.

We will have fun and be vulnerable.

Because there is only you, you can push the limits, exploring your wildest dreams and your darkest hallucinations.

We play full out, hold nothing back, and co-create an amazing new reality.

When working (and playing) with me one to one, we will explore all of the transformational benefits of truly feeling good.

We will celebrate life and also openly acknowledge, explore and observe your inner fears; beliefs and memories that robbed you from feeling good.

You will release all those dark thoughts, and liberate yourself into feel good bliss.

Coaching one to one offers a powerful and flexible way for you to grow, the journey is tailored to suit you, it is after all, all about you.

One to one coaching with me is not for everybody. A deep desire to feel good is required, and also the willingness and openness to look deep inside yourself and confront the thoughts, memories and feelings that have kept you from feeling good.

It involves a minimum investment of 6 months, this is full service coaching, I am here to serve you. We are connected online, by phone and when feasible, in person.

Applications for full service coaching begin with a conversation

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VIP Retreats

I would love to invite you to experience Dubai, a place where if you put your mind to it, anything can happen!

Did you know that the United Arab Emirates recently appointed a Minister of Happiness?

Here is the place to immerse yourself in a VIP retreat dedicated to your Feel Good journey.

I offer a 1day (1 night) and 2day (2 night) VIP retreat dedicated to your Feel Good exploration.

You will be fully immersed in feeling good and have the space to create a transformation that will forever change your life.

You can experience my VIP retreats focused 100% on you or as a couple.

For couples, understanding each other more fully and learning how to support each other in a feel good relationship can be a powerful and fulfilling experience.

Both retreats are tailored to suit your needs and you will be accommodated in an exclusive luxury hotel, with all your gourmet food and drinks included.

It’s the ideal setting and perfectly suited to dedicating time just for you.

Your Investment

Focus on You Retreat
1 Day Retreat $4000
2 Day Retreat $7000

Couples Retreat
1 Day Retreat $4500
2 Day Retreat $7750

Applications for my VIP retreats begin with a conversation.

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