What Others Say

Please read what people are saying about the impact and incredible results they have experienced after having one or more conversations with me.

Alison Nixon-959x1024

“The happy mind and body coach”

I have been coached by Jacob for little over 2 months in the beginning of 2015. My biggest fear and uncertainty was doubt and fear whether or not can I create my own successful coaching business and the life style that I want.

The results since working with Jacob have been phenomenal! I am much more confident in myself and my vision for my future is much clearer. I know what I want now and during our time together I was able to achieve things that I never thought was possible. I took myself to a whole different level. I broke free from major blockages that were holding me back from shining my true light.

Jacob helped me realise that being me is the best person to be and that I can be proud of it. I now feel authentic and proud of who I am and what I have become.

Jacob reminded me the importance of connection with people and the reason why I started coaching in the first place. That was a biggie because I was getting bombarded with “business stuff” and what I “should” be doing and not thinking about serving people so profoundly that they will never forget me. I love people and I want to help them be brilliant. Also, I love the articles and recommended videos that Jacob sent as well. They were really beneficial.

If anyone asks me if I would recommend you, the answer would a resounding Yes 100%.
I think you would be really beneficial to other coaches. Especially new coaches that I just starting out. It can be very overwhelming starting your own business and I think you are really great at helping people look at the big picture. Also you are just awesome so I would recommend anyone who feels stuck in their life.

Jacob, you truly care and listen without judgment. You don’t think that people need to be “fixed” and your there to help them become more fabulous then they already are! You help people see things that they might not see and open up doors for them that they may never thought was possible.

Thank you Jacob for our time together. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. I think you are an amazing coach and I believe that source (or spirit or god or whatever you want to call it) bought you back into my life for a reason. You guided me so much over the last two months and I am in a much better place because of it. Thank you!


Gabi Pezo

Laughter yoga teacher

Every time I have a session with Jacob, I am more convinced that he was born to do this amazing work he does. His intuition is spot on and his empathy allows you to open your heart and let the real you shine.

Before my last session I was so incredible doubtful and lost because i didn’t know what to do: should I or shouldn’t I perform in a stand up comedy class show that I had worked on so hard for the last 8 weeks?
His first comment was: Do it! If not You will regret it.

In that session I dealt with my fear of being heard. My stand up comedy routine although short, was deeply personal and I felt like I was waiting for someone to give me permission to speak my truth.

I was so doubtful that I was anxious, fearful and stressed out.
What if people didn’t laugh , what if it all sucked! ah!

During the session and through his insights and words, my mind shifted in a second. I went from fearing it to actually looking forward to performing my set on stage. And right after my session I was so at peace and refreshed and inspired that I rewrote my jokes and change the ending which made a massive difference in my performance.

Just before going on stage, I panicked once again, but I remember that Jacob said “just be yourself”. and I did it and I knocked it out of the park. I was happy, I performed and most importantly remember that I didn’t have to be a stand up comedian to go on stage… I just had to be me.


Rima Nasreddine


After only one session with Jacob I feel empowered and transformed. He shows genuine care and complete presence, which makes him so easy to talk to. Through various techniques, he has the ability to draw out key issues in a caring and gentle way and help you figure out clear action plans.

He helped me find my power again after many years of self-sacrifice and fear. I had been shrinking myself and hiding my accomplishments. He helped me see the origin of my fears and gave me easy to use and fun tools to obliterate my self-depreciating thoughts and overcome my self-imprisoning beliefs.

I feel less worried and less self-conscious, no more excuses no more putting things off and no more hiding. My husband and children immediately noticed the difference in me and the environment in our house is more relaxed and enjoyable as a result.

I recommend Jacob to anyone who wants to have a fulfilling life and realize their highest potential.

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Charlene Mercer 960x480

Medical Simulation Specialist

There are many people that have similar training to Jacob’s, but many of his qualities cannot be taught.

I believe that Jacob has a gift. Over the past five years I have been seeking advice from wellness and life mentors from various countries, backgrounds and specialties.

Almost two years ago I had the great fortune of crossing paths with Jacob who I immediately resonated with. Jacob has helped me to effect positive change in many different areas of my life. He does this, not by giving an opinion, but instead by facilitating self-realization and allowing his clients to see the answers that were really there all along.


Claudine Gillard

Business Owner

Although I have known Jacob for less than a year he has made a huge and positive impact on my life. I have sought his help on a range of issues and have always left our sessions feeling strong, empowered and able to see clearly how to use the ideas we have discussed.

His approach makes me feel at ease; he is excellent at drawing out the important information in a gentle manner. He is wise, friendly and well trained in a number of different therapies that can be used for various situations.

The strategies we have formulated together have been invaluable in both my personal and business life. These have led to an improvement in my understanding of others and as a result I feel better equipped to enjoy my relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jacob to others.


Carina de Rijk

Strategic Coach

Jacob Melaard has coached me for over a year when I was going through a transitioning time.

I appreciated his NLP skills and his hands-on approach. He helped me to strengthen my confidence while I was exploring and opening up to new possibilities in my life and my business.

His guidance has supported me greatly in tackling all kinds of obstacles one by one, whether it was an emotional issue or a strategic approach to be found.

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Catherine Shennan


I feel like a new woman. I have a new found confidence that I never knew I had. I put the past back in the past where it belongs. I have created new vision for my future with exciting goals to achieve and I am now putting it all into action.

I realised that I was using food to comfort my emotions- now that is no longer hindering me, I am eating well and the weight is falling off. The time line therapy sessions with Jacob were worth every penny.

Jacob has such a passion and commitment to his clients that produces outstanding results.

Thank you so much!!


Meer Fennema

International Coach and Speaker

Jacob creates a safe surrounding in which it is really easy to express yourself fully. I’ve almost never experienced anyone like him, who can listen with such intent and presence and then brings you with a few questions to the essence.

The clarity which comes from that has created profound changes in my life. I can highly recommend Jacob to you, if you feel stuck in your life, if you want to change something or when a traumatic event in your past is preventing you from living a fulfilling life.


Phillip Gillard

Executive Director

I have been working with Jacob, both individually and with my wife, for the last 9 months and it has simply been amazing.

Working together in a comfortable, and safe, environment Jacob makes you feel extremely calm and relaxed whilst tackling difficult issues. His ability to help me explore my most traumatic life events and resolve any lingering conflict has allowed me to be the person I want to be as an individual and as a husband.

All of my relationships have benefitted from my new inner peace and even when I regress to my old brain behaviour I now have the tools to deal with it knowing it will be short lived.

I am convinced that fate brought us together and I will be always thankful for that. I cannot recommend Jacob highly enough.


Ioana Hartescu


I met Jacob in a very foggy time of my life .He become the mirror that I never dared to check ,the comfort I never thought I’m worthy of and he gave me the tools and encouragement to clean corners of my being that were long time crowded.

He became the first person that I allowed to help me . Small step for humanity, huge step for me :))

We still work together and every session truly gives a new perspective on old emotions and thoughts ,a personal journey that I hold very dearly and I consider of deep importance.

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